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After leaving this site unchanged for nearly a year, I've started a blog where I post my developments. You can see it here: Blog.DavR.org

The stuff below is ooolllldddd......

NOTE: My old hosting provider got HACKED, and I didn't have the newest stuff backed up. So the stuff here is a bit old. I will update it all when I get a chance.

Thanks to Drunken Coders for the web hosting!

Here are a couple things I wrote/ported/modified for the Nintendo DS (NDS): (click links to see screenshots & downloads)


First use of tiled BGs

*Water Drops

Simulates water dropping where you touch


TI 85 Calculator Emulator. Starting to work, has some issues.

Sponge Demo

Platformer, sprites, BGs, touchscreen. Still working on it.

Birds Demo

Shoot the birds! Avoid the poops! Collect powerups!


Simple framebuffer drawing app

Test 1

Random stuff all over, just testing around

Fly Swat

In planning stage (nothing coded yet)

2D Example

(Original Version)
I modified the 2D example to respond to touch

Polarium Demo

Not Mine. A commercial wireless download demo that was captured.


This looks interesting, more info should come out within a week or two

Hack Nintendo DS Wifi and recieve a nice bounty!
Donate to the cause!

Complete NDS Devkit (GBA MP) only 50$

PME2NDS Converter - A tool to convert .pme (aka .nds.gba) files into .nds files. NOTE: Only works for files that were built with ndslib/libnds and were originally .nds files with a header attached!
UPDATE Sep 28,2005: Now it should be a bit more compatible.

If you want to be able to run these on your own DS, you need some things:
1. GBA Flash Cart (Purchase from many places, see GbaDev Retailer Feedback to help decide. For north america, Kicktrading.Ca is fairly cheap.
2a. A wireless pci card supported by 'WiFiMe'
2b. A passthrough. See DSPassme.com, Kraln.com, or Natrium42.com to buy.

Leave comments for me on the gba/dsdev forums.

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